April 3 2017
Kniterate the digital knitting by alumni Gerard Rubio reached funding goal of $100,000 in one hour in Kickstarter

Gerard Rubio, graduated in Audiovisual Design at ESDi, presented in late March Kniterate, a knitting machine that wants to democratize digital manufacturing clothes. Kniterate uses yarn to “print” digital clothing files. Via an easy-to-use internet platform, users can design garments from scratch, edit templates or upload their own images and press “knit”.

In order to make this prototype was launched at funding collaborative platform Kickstarter to raise funds to start production of the first hundred machines i
n an hour and reached the goal of $ 100,000 initial needs for the manufacture of printers.





The idea is to sell the hardware workshops freelance designers makerspaces, FabLabs, universities or as part of the experience of retailers to shop, to provide more personalized products and a kind of customized service more affordable for consumers and the manufacturer.

Kniterate software is still in development and will be the focus of the company in the coming months. In the past year the team has built a basic prototype web-based application, which people have been able to design certain patterns and then weaving scarves file. More recently, the team has been working on a script that is more efficiently able to take images and convert them into knitwear.