February 22 2017
7 presents web development projects carried out jointly by students of ESDi and the Institute Sabadell.

On Monday 20 February the Auditorium of the School of Design ESDi hosted the presentation of web projects they have done together students and students of the Institute Sabadell ESDi.

At the beginning of the 2016/2017 academic Sabadell ESDi and the Institute signed an agreement to promote collaboration between students and our understanding that disciplines are related in some professional fields.

Thus it was agreed that the group of 4th year Graphic Design Degree ESDi mention working with the 2nd year of the Vocational Higher Multiplatform Application Development Institute Sabadell.

The collaboration was formalized with specific web design and development project coordinated by Professor Thomas Peter (IS) and Dr. Eduardo Huerta (in the course of Interface Design Digital ESDi), of which there have been seven different proposals of web services, carried out by groups consisting of designers and programmers.



The project began in October and ended yesterday 20 February with the delivery of functional models of each digital product.

Fruit of the agreement between the two institutions also foresees cooperation in other areas such as audiovisual design, for example.